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We create and manage top-performing social media business pages. Social media is all about developing community and building relationships to keep your business front-of-mind. We offer four affordable Facebook management packages with a solution to fit any budget. No long-term contracts are required. Thanks to our amazing partnerships with IFPA and Homesteaders Life Company we are proud to offer a $200 discount to all IFPA clients and Homesteaders Life Company clients may use their partner points to help cover the costs of our services. We are honored to serve you.

Price & Service Comparison


Services 99Direct Membership DIY Content For You To Use *Must be paid in advance* Visibility Membership Creates A Visible Interest In Community Relationship Building *Must be paid in advance* Community Engagement Membership Creates ACTIVE & Consistent Community Outreach *Must be paid in advance* *BONUS: 5% off for 12 month commitment paid in advance My Lead Locker Membership Creates AFP Awareness & Leads *6 or 12 month membership paid in advance required* Full-Service Luxury Membership Nothing compares! *Must be paid in advance* *BONUS 10% off for 12 months paid in advance
Standard Rates $99 $549 $649 $625 $1,599 Rates for NON-IFPA Clients
Page-Monitoring with Reputation Management (Vital in today’s digital market) n n Y Y Y *IMPORTANT*
Weekly Posts n Y Y n Y Can be add-on $100
Daily Posts n n Y n Y Can be add-on $100
Federal Holiday Posts n Y Y n Y Can be add-on $100
Video Posting n n Y n Y Can be add-on $100
Unique Collaborative Posts Relevant to FH Market n n Y n y We LOVE these! Content submitted by Funeral Home.
Obituary Postings n n n n Y can be add-on for $100/mo.
Instagram Posts (identical to FB posts) n n Y n y *IF page is compatible with Instagram
Advance Funeral Planning Awareness Posts n Y Y *Y Y *MyLeadLocker posts will ONLY be AFP posts
Advance Funeral Planning Leads Generated n n n Y Y Can be add-on $250/mo.
AFP Leads PLUS SMS Text Message Auto-Response w/Digital Planning Guide/ Verbiage/Landing Page Delivery & next step created for you in MyLeadLink or Privyr App (10am-7pm) *App subscription not required but is recommended n n n Y Y Can be add-on $300/mo.
AFP Leads App Training n Y Y Y Y Take Advantage
Event Creation & Promotion n n Y n Y Can be add-on $100
Staff Birthdays & Workiversaries n n Y n Y Can be add-on $100
Content Ready For You To Use- DIY Y n n n n Do It Yourself
Additional Offerings
Funeral Cost Estimator n n n n Y Can be add-on $1000 w/annual *$250 set-up fee- $50 for edits after set up (1 hour consultation only) *You keep your current commission
Community/Staff Surveys/Digital Forms/Landing Page n n n n Y Can be add-on at $50 per page set-up (basic graphics) plus $20 per month for 6 months paid in advance
Market exclusivity including 5 zip codes n n Y Y Y with *6 and 12 month memberships only/must be paid in advance
*Ad Money included* $0.00 $50.00 $75.00 $150.00 $200.00 We will add whatever amount Client agrees to in addition to the included amount
LIVE Monthly Scheduled Video Conferencing on IFPA FB Group page presenting offerings for you and your clients Y Y Y Y Y Very Informative and FREE
QR Code linking to your choice of: Website Preplanning Form, Digital Calendar, Business Card, Events, Digital Payment Processing Accounts etc n n n n Y Can be add-on $50/mo
Text Marketing n n n n n Dependent on Campaign Size
Email Marketing n n n n n Dependent on Campaign Size
Marketing Material Design n n n n n Can be add-on/price varies
Account Onboarding Fee with existing social profile n n n n Y
Account Set-Up Fee with no existing social profile (non-refundable) n n n n n Can be add-on $250
Complimentary Account Consultations As-Needed As-Needed As-Needed As-Needed As-Needed 15 minutes max
Digital Phone Assistant with Appointment Booking/GPL delivery/Website delivery/Email address delivery n n n n n $125/month *includes first month free Set Up fee $50
More Innovative Tools Coming Soon n n n n n TBD
Turning Hearts QR Memorial Medallions (2) $99.99 plus s&h Links to Memorial landing page 15% discount using qr code


Client Success Stories

Community Building and Lead Generation

Building community and long-term relationships that grow your bottom line.

Totally organic.

We consistently see stellar results with clients that communicate with our agents to provide local content that resonates with their communities. Our featured client reached over 1 million people in 28 days through totally organic content, no paid boosts or ads with more than 80% of the traffic within their service areas.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box

As you can see, humor can not only be well-received on a funeral home’s page, it can be wildly successful. This single post garnered over 500,000 in reach and more than 50,000 reactions, comments and shares. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your social marketing strategy. It’s all about building community and staying front-of-mind with a local audience.

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