About Us

Jang Consulting is a premier digital solutions provider dedicated to fostering community and building enduring relationships to enhance your bottom line. We specialize in captivating consumer engagement through tailored content that resonates deeply and personally with your audience.

Our unique agency framework guarantees personalized attention throughout every phase of our partnership—from initial onboarding to strategy formulation and execution. We collaborate closely with your team to craft bespoke strategies that align with your distinct goals and ambitions.

Our nimble team is committed to embracing cutting-edge technology, allowing us to swiftly adapt to new trends and provide your business with a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving digital environment. This adaptability ensures that your digital marketing strategies remain effective, offering the flexibility to refine or overhaul them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We empower our clients to triumph by enhancing social and mobile interactions that engage your target demographic effectively. Get in touch with us to discover how to leverage the full potential of digital and social media for your brand’s success.


Meet The Team

Jayson Davis

Partner|Business Development Specialist

Jayson brings 11 years of social media experience and 10 years of Funeral Industry experience to the table for Jang Consulting. Serving families through removals, pre-needs, at-needs and officiating life celebrations allows Jayson the perfect avenue for effective communication with people from all walks of life.

He takes great pride in helping professionals enhance their online presence for the families served. He spent most of his professional career in leadership roles where he learned the importance of excellent customer service and reputation management. He has been instrumental in creating sales strategy for the funeral industry and promotions for non-profit organizations.

Jayson attended Motlow State Community College (Communications major) and Middle Tennessee State University (Public Relations major) and is Social Media Marketing Certified.

He enjoys life in Tennessee with his wife Teresa and their 5 children, 1 grandchild, 2 dogs and a cat.

Jayson invites you to consider letting Jang Consulting take your social media footprint to the next level.

Tina Shang

Partner|Creative Director

Tina is a Social Media Consultant, Immersive Education Specialist (VR), Educator, and Entrepreneur.

She is a digital pioneer with 20+ years of experience in the field where she leverages new and emerging technology to establish clients as industry leaders. She thrives in the ever-changing digital landscape and has a deep love for developing social business models to help small business owners flourish in a digital world.

Tina is an avid learner who values education. She recently returned to school to update her education and skills. She received a Bachelors’s Degree in Mass Communication with a focus in New Media and a minor in Organizational Communication and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design Technology and Curriculum Leadership.


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